Woods Reader is a publication for those who love woodland areas: whether a public preserve, forest, tree farm, backyard woodlot or other patch of trees and wildlife. Our readers like to hear about others’ experiences and insights, especially those that make an impression that they think about long after they have finished the article. Submitted content should center around trees and woodlands.

We are not looking for articles which put urban environments or lifestyles in a negative light, rather ones that describe the woodland experience. The magazine does not take political positions nor promote any woodland management practice but will share educational information of general interest. We do not publish hunting stories.

We welcome writers of all experience, including those who have never submitted a story before but have a story to tell.

Please note: at this time Woods Reader is not currently accepting submissions pertaining to locations outside of the United States and Canada. Check back for updates as we grow!


Woods Reader follows AP style. Stories do not have to be submitted in this style, our editorial staff will adjust where needed.


We are primarily interested in stories about experiences and observations in the woods. Stories should ideally be about 500-1000 words, but we will consider any length.

We buy articles in the following categories with woodland themes:

  • Personal experience

  • Educational or nonfiction

  • The Woodland Philosopher: Philosophy, personal opinion

  • Fiction/fantasy

  • DIY article using woodland materials (accompanying photographs preferred)

  • Humor blog or cartoon

  • Short poetry

  • Destinations

  • Book reviews (please contact us prior to submitting)

  • Assigned topic

We also buy the occasional longer fiction or true adventure story which may be serialized over up to four issues (2000-5000 words).

Click here to view sample content from previous issues.


We buy high resolution color photographs taken in woodland areas. To submit, send a low resolution photo or link.

We also assign illustrations in black and white or color, preferably pen/ink, colored pencil or watercolor. To submit sample work, please send link to a portfolio or several low resolution images.


Submissions may be made in the body of an email to or by mail to Woods Reader, P.O. Box 42, Spring Lake, Minn. 56680. In general we will not open attachments. We discourage simultaneous submissions, but will make every effort to reply promptly. Receipt of emails will be acknowledged.


For most categories we purchase first North American serial rights, plus reprint rights for Woods Reader anthologies and other publications within the company. Rights to both print and digital distribution are included. Payment will be made on acceptance of publication agreement.

You must agree that 1) the submission is your own work and 2) (for nonfiction and personal experience stories) that the events depicted are true.

Payments range from $25 for short poetry up to $150 for longer articles. Photographs and illustrations are by offer. All payments are in U.S. dollars and are usually sent the month of publication.


We support and encourage our writers, photographers and illustrators! Woods Reader is a personal mission for us, and we want you to succeed with us. If you have ideas that you want to explore or need some input from our perspective, send us a message. We’ll help.